Tips to take care of the credit card


During this holiday season the use of credit cards increases thanks to all the offers that you will find in the month of November and December, this benefit that consumers can take advantage of is used by some establishments and people to take advantage and use your card Credit fraudulently. Taking care of our finances also has to do with taking care of our credit card and that’s why here are some tips that will help you reduce your exposure to the risk of fraud during these holidays.

Place an order by phone you have to take into account


When you place an order by phone you have to take into account that it is not strictly necessary that you give your security code that is on the back of your card, it is enough that you give the 16 numbers of your card, the expiration date and your identification to the Time to get your order delivered.

Verify that they do not pass it twice without your authorization

Verify that they do not pass it twice without your authorization


When you go to pay with your credit card you must verify that they do not pass it twice without your authorization; If for any situation you see the person pass the card twice, request that the transaction be canceled and that you receive the cancellation receipt so that you have proof.

It is important that you save all the shopping tickets you make, at least until the next cut of your credit card so that you confirm with your statement that everything is in order. It is also recommended that you verify your credit card at Big after you have made consumption if you have any questions about the establishment where you consumed.

Another point that you have to take into account when shopping online is that the website is secure under the https protocol (this protocol is currently the most secure and has the certification of several security standards) If the site that You are visiting has a strange name, it does not have the https protocol and you do not see any of the validations by Surecard or VisaPlus, avoid using your card on that site.

make an immediate purchase


If you want to make an immediate purchase, avoid doing so from a public network or public Wi-Fi, since these networks store all the information that passes through your network, from the sites you visit, to your credit cards and the passwords you enter. It is better that you use your cellular network or connect to a secure network.

Credit cards are constantly growing and are one of our main means of payment. Take these tips to prevent and have better control of your personal finances in the digital age.

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