Requirements for the Goodbank mortgage loan

If you are thinking of buying a property with a loan, Goodbank is one of the financial institutions you can go to. Here are the requirements for the Goodbank mortgage loan, which you must meet for this purpose.

What is a mortgage?

What is a mortgage?

A mortgage loan is a personal or spousal loan whose sole purpose is to allow you to acquire a property on credit. A financial institution offers you a loan to make the acquisition of said property, which you cancel within a given period.

The property works as collateral or collateral of said loan, through the figure of the mortgage.

What are the requirements for the Goodbank mortgage loan?

What are the requirements for the Goodbank mortgage loan?

The Goodbank Bank puts at your disposal the Goodbank mortgage loan product, through a prior evaluation of your application. You can only qualify for this credit if you meet the following set of requirements:

  • Your age is between 25 and 72 years, including both.
  • There should be no reports about your person, by the risk centers (Sentinel, Equifax or Experian), with negative information. If you are married, the same applies to your spouse.
  • The company where you work should not have reports of risk centers with negative information.
  • You must have a lien insurance approved by a local company.

Documentation to present


If you meet the above requirements, you must submit the following documentation, at the time of applying for the credit.

Personal documents

  • Identity document, voter credential, passport or valid professional ID.
  • Income support, which vary according to the type of economic activity you do. You can check here on this topic.
  • Proof of address in the name of the applicant: property ballot, electricity bill, fixed telephone bill, water and gas bill etc.

Property documents (well independent)

  • Copy of the deed of sale.
  • Formats summary sheet and urban property of the current year.
  • Copy of the registration of the property and its registration with the SUNARP, both with recent date of issue.

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