Get a Brompton folding bike for £ 1 to stay away from the sweltering commute

Brompton has launched a new service offering to get their hands on one of their branded folding bikes for commuting for as little as £ 1 a day. There is no set rental period – you may be able to stay on the bike for as long as you need.

As a section of membership, which won’t require a deposit, you can also expect coverage to deal with theft and injury, free maintenance, and a bike loan. no charge from Brompton in case of repair of your rental need. have to be designed. Membership vacation periods can also be taken for pregnancy, health and fitness issues, or as a result of a job change – so if your workplace decides you can expect to get the job done from the property, you can press pause on your bike subscription.

Brompton Bike Employ will start rolling out from “the end of the summer season,” the UK folding bike company said. That said, you can now subscribe to its priority entry list to reserve a starting spot online ready for the start of the program.

When the plan kicks off, you may be able to sign up for a once-a-year subscription priced at £ 30 per month, or a thirty-day contract worth £ 42 per month. thirty days. The latter is suitable if you are only preparing to use the bike for commuting during the hot months of the summer season. When you are a subscriber, you can only decide to activate your Brompton from one of the Brompton hubs in the country. Brompton bikes typically cost around £ 1,000 for an outright purchase and around £ 800 for a used purchase in fantastic condition.

Brompton’s new membership company is an extension of its existing bicycle use arm, which today allows people to rent a Brompton Boris-style for £ 6.50 per working day. If you shell out £ 25 once a year, that daily cost drops to £ 3.50. The new addition is considerably, much more very affordable – as long as you can to frequently use the Brompton.

At launch, 3-speed Brompton bikes will be available. That said, the organization has the option of introducing their styles with electric motors to increase your pedaling in the coming months after the plan’s launch, Brompton explained to us.

Brompton Bicycle Retaining the Services of Race Director Julian Scrivens said: “There is a big shift towards cycling now much more than ever, but not everyone would like or can afford to buy a bicycle. . Our pay-as-you-race techniques are very well known today, but we wanted to offer the general public another alternative that allows them to continue to keep a bike for extended intervals.

“These new membership services will revolutionize the way people own a bicycle, offering them a premium product or service without the initial sale price. It is a solution to make life easier for everyone, whether or not you are a commuter, university student, relatives or you just want to ride a bike on weekends but never want to dedicate or have the space to have a bike forever.

The monthly and yearly Brompton subscription alternatives will also be available as a pick for companies that want to allow their employees to get back to doing the job right again, as they undermine current cycle techniques to get the job done, which may be worth it. £ 56 regular. for each thirty day period for a high quality bicycle (worth £ 1,000).

Brompton Bicycle Employ service allows customers to use day-to-day bicycles from its 50 or more distribution centers as your experience nationwide. He was praised during the lockdown for his Wheels for Heroes initiative, allowing NHS staff to request free bicycle services throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Priority entry for Brompton member support is now open at

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